12 Days of Holiday: Warm and Cozy

Day 5 of 12 Days of Holiday is all about being warm and cozy. Who doesn’t love a big, soft scarf? Especially a scarf so big, it can worn many ways! I wore this scarf the normal way (pictured above) and even as a wrap. It kept me nice and toasty on a cold day. Ok, I really should have been wearing a coat the day of my blog shoot…but us fashion bloggers do some silly things for the love of showing off our style. Even if that means catching a little cold (guilty)!

This scarf is so cozy that it makes me want to sit next to a fire, sip hot coco and look at a pretty Christmas tree. It’s also big enough that it could practically be a blanket! I loved pairing it with one of my favorite knits from Free People. The colors were made for each other.

Ok, speaking of warm and cozy…I got a gift from a co-worker today that I am absolutely in love with! She got everyone on my team blankets from Restoration Hardware. I seriously squealed when I opened it. I have had a blanket from Restoration Hardware for years and my dog has practically taken over it. It kind of smells. But its so soft and I love it so much. I think I can now officially give my old blanket to my dog and save my new one all to myself!

Scarf: Loveland Plaid Fringe Scarf, Free People $58

Top: Mercury Tee, Free People $68

Jeans: Shop Similar at Nordstrom $79

Boots: Understated Leather, Free People $295

Confession: I wanted to post this yesterday, but I took a tumble and slipped on some ice 😦 My ankle is a little swollen, but I am much better. I hope to have day 6 ready to go tomorrow!

Happy Friday!



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